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The following guides contain configurations that are specific to a homeserver, but most of the guidances apply across the Matrix federation:

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Questions about Matrix

Check out the official FAQ as well!

For average users, is Matrix trustworthy?

The tech? Yes, most of the components of Matrix are open source. The only exception that this guide is aware of is the Scalar integration manager, which Element and SchildiChat use as default. (The open source Dimension integration manager has been abandoned.)

The operators? Note that you have the freedom to pick your homeserver. Do you trust big corporations, or small guys that are actually enthusiastic about privacy? Do your research.

The only thing that may negatively affect trust is Matrix’s use of a central identity server ( is just an alias of it), which handles contact discovery through email. However, as of late 2021 it can only be enabled on an opt-in basis. Furthermore, you can start a DM based on their MXID, so email is not required.

How is Matrix funded?