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Imagine a place... where you are welcomed to be yourself, where you have control on your data, and where you can talk more privately, while also allowing you to socialize with others.

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  1. Pick a homeserver to use Matrix with
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  4. Have fun chatting!
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Yet another chat platform?

I get it, you would say that because you're annoyed by Discord, skeptical of Telegram, angered by Facebook, tired of Slack, frustrated by XMPP, and bored of IRC. No need to go back to the good ol' email: There is a greener pasture waiting for you, and - you guessed it right - it's Matrix!

  • End-to-end encryption to protect your private messages!
  • Retain control of your data, without compromising access to the Matrix federation - Run your own server, or join an existing server!
  • Got friends who just won't come over? Bridges to existing platforms allow you to stay in touch with them!
  • Open source software means you can audit, customize, and improve Matrix yourself!
  • Matrix is not centralized: No need to rely on the big tech for your basic needs!
  • A platform of the people, by the people, for the people!

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